start your own gameserver hosting company

You can now start your own Gameserver hosting company and sell high quality gameservers to your clients, hosted on our infrastructure.
If you are unfamiliar with running servers, don't wan't or know how to provide support for Gameservers, or want to offer additional locations to your clients without spending a lot of money for new infrastructure, then the Reseller Bundles of Serverminds Gaming is a perfect fit.

This Reseller Bundle is not an affiliate program, it could grow your company into a large game server host very quickly!

What advantages does it have for me?

  • The WHMCS Module will automatically setup your orders, no manual intervention needed!
  • Grow the reputation of your company quickly by providing high quality gameservers!
  • Start selling the most popular games on the market today! Without knowing anything about them!
  • The popular TCAdmin v2 panel allows your clients to manage their servers!
  • Over 20+ locations to choose from.
  • All gameservers are monitored 24/7

Which locations are available?

Serverminds Gaming offers the best locations all around the world, with premium bandwidth and advanced routing.
No matter where your players live, our Gameservers make sure they will have a fast, lag free and reliable connection to your server.

Europe Locations
(EU) Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam, NL
(EU) Frankfurt, DE Frankfurt, DE
(EU) Paris,  FR Paris, FR
(EU) London, UK London, UK
(EU) Moscow, Russia Moscow, Russia
(EU) Sweden Sweden
(EU) Romania Romania
(EU) Turkey Turkey
(EU) Portugal Portugal
US and Canada Locations
Canada Canada
New York New York
Chicago, Illnois Chicago, Illnois
Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia
Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona
Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington
Middle East and Oceania Locations
Australia Australia
Dubai Dubai, UAE

Which games are available?

We have over 90 games available which you can start offering immediately, the popular games are listed below.
If the game you are looking for is not listed below, don't sweat we are usually able to add any game you want.

America's Army 3 | Armed Assault 2 | Armed Assault 2 Operation Arrowhead | Armed Assault 3 | Battlefield Bad Company 2 | Battlefield 2 | Call of Duty | Call of Duty 2 | Call of Duty Modern Warfare | Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 | Call of Duty World at War | Call of Duty United Offensive | Counterstrike 1.6 | Counter Strike Global Offensive | Counter Strike Condition Zero | Counterstrike Source | Garry's Mod | Left 4 Dead | Left 4 Dead 2 | Minecraft | Medal of Honor Pacific Assault | Medal of Honor Warfighter | TF2 Mann vs Machine | Quake 3 | Quake 4 | San Andreas Multiplayer | Team Fortress 2 | Wolfenstein Enemy Territory | Zombie Panic Source |

Which packages are available?

We have created 3 Gameserver Reseller Bundles which are listed below, if you are looking for a larger Reseller Bundle get in touch with our Support Team!


€ 9.95per month

  • 30 Gameserver Slots
  • 30 Voiceserver Slots
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fair Use Storage
  • 1Gbps uplink

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€ 17.50per month

  • 60 Gameserver Slots
  • 60 Voiceserver Slots
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fair Use Storage
  • 1Gbps uplink

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€ 29.95per month

  • 120 Gameserver Slots
  • 120 Voiceserver Slots
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fair Use Storage
  • 1Gbps uplink

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