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Extremely competative prices for a premium quality MC server.

Serverminds Gaming provides you with the best craft server you can ever get! Tons of research and experience will ensure that your Minecraft server runs with a stellar performance.
Our craft based servers are offered with one of the lowest prices on the market starting at € 2.00 (€ 0.25/slot).
Our Minecraft Servers are operated in 17 different datacenters throughout Europe, North America, Canada and Australia. All our Minecraft Servers are Controlled by the Multicraft Control Panel, Hosted on high-end enterprise servers and Boosted by truly Dedicated RAM.

RAM 256 MB 512 MB 1024 MB 1536 MB 2048 MB 3072 MB 4096 MB 6144 MB 8192 MB

€ 2.00

€ 4.95

€ 8.95

€ 13.95

€ 16.95

€ 24.95

€ 33.95

€ 50.95

€ 67.95


€ 6.00

€ 14.85

€ 26.85

€ 38.85

€ 49.50

€ 47.25

€ 99.00

€ 148.50

€ 198.00


€ 24.00

€ 59.40

€ 107.40

€ 155.40

€ 198.00

€ 297.00

€ 396.00

€ 594.00

€ 792.00

Satisfaction Guaranteed

if you're not satisfied for any reason, we'll refund your current month (if you've paid annually, we'll also refund any full months you haven't used).
There are no hidden fees or contracts, your server is online as long as you pay!

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Feature Packed, Minecraft Clan Servers

Serverminds Gaming has always been the #1 source in the UK for Minecraft servers, as of 2012 we are expanding our reach to the rest off the world as well!
Our Experienced staff is available around the clock to support our clients from all over the world, in our locations all over the world.
We have been providing remarkable game servers for more then 6 years and are still going strong.

 Ultimate Gaming Network

We have selected the best Networks in our Gaming Locations, ensuring you receive super-low pings on your Minecraft Gameserver.

 Breathtaking Servers

Servergrade 8+ core processors, SSD Storage and DDR3 ram boasted by 1Gbps network connections ensure you will experience a steady FPS and a perfect bullet registration.

 Fast Download

We offer a Free Webhosting account which you can use for Fast Download, or creating your clan's website.
We also deliver affordable domains to go with your website.

 Free Voice

Your Minecraft Gameserver comes with a free 10-slots Teamspeak Voiceserver, upon request you can also get a Ventrilo or Mumble Voiceserver.

 Public Unbranded

Your Minecraft gameservers comes as a public server as default, you are able to make it private with a password whenever you want.
The servers also come unbranded.

 TCAdmin v2 Panel

Our customized control panel is fully feature packed and seriously powerful, giving you complete control of your services and not needing to worry about downtime.

Low Ping Minecraft server, Worldwide Locations

Serverminds Gaming offers the best locations all around the world, with premium bandwidth and advanced routing.
No matter where your players live, our Gameservers make sure they will have a fast, lag free and reliable connection to your server.

Europe Locations
(EU) Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam, NL
(EU) Frankfurt, DE Frankfurt, DE
(EU) Paris,  FR Paris, FR
(EU) London, UK London, UK
(EU) Moscow, Russia Moscow, Russia
(EU) Sweden Sweden
(EU) Romania Romania
(EU) Turkey Turkey
(EU) Portugal Portugal
US and Canada Locations
Canada Canada
New York New York
Chicago, Illnois Chicago, Illnois
Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia
Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona
Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington
Middle East and Oceania Locations
Australia Australia
Dubai Dubai, UAE

So, why should i pick Serverminds Gaming

We are convinced that Serverminds Gaming is the best choice for your Gaming Needs, this is why we introduced our Satisfaction Guarantee that allows you to try our services without any Risks.
Our Minecraft prices should be the best out there, based on quality and performance, we are constantly checking if our prices can be beaten and will adjust them if required.
Our high end hardware and low-ping networks results in amazing ping speeds and bullet registry, the players will keep coming back to your servers.
There is no need to accept anything but the best, and Serverminds is investing substantial sums to ensure that we are the best, and of course at unbeatable prices!
We are a Real Company, so you don't need to worry about your Minecraft server vanishing overnight.